A Personal Relationship: Concierge Services

The OU has regional directors throughout the United States and Canada who are uniquely familiar with the local characteristics of constituent communities. The OU regional representatives are poised to create personal relationships with synagogue leadership to assist with all synagogue needs including strategic planning, membership, security, programming, communal growth and promotional resources. Your regional director […]


Access to a variety of specialists who can share their talents with your community: Fundraising and Budgeting: Fiscal responsibility, increasing revenue, and effective budgeting are all critical for the economic health of your synagogue. We can connect you with experts who can tailor a specific financial plan for your synagogue. Customizable Holiday Templates: The OU […]

Leadership Training

A synagogue’s success depends greatly on both the strength of its professionals and synagogue volunteer leadership. The OU offers seminars, conferences, networking, and other resources to provide your leaders with critical skills and strategies. Rabbinic Training: The OU’s national and regional rabbinic development conferences have proved to be successful tools that enable synagogue Rabbis to […]

Community Development

The OU provides assistance to communities aspiring to grow, communities attempting to attract new families or others struggling with internal conflict and crisis. Crisis Management: During times of internal crisis within your congregation, the OU can serve as an objective resource, and provide outside assistance to ensure that your synagogue remains a strong and vibrant […]


Developing exciting, interesting and inspiring educational program can be very challenging for synagogue leadership. The OU’s Speakers Bureau network will be a wonderful addition to your synagogue’s programming. Our team of experts can work with your synagogue to identify and connect with the right speakers who best fit your community and budget.