Rabbinic Training: The OU’s national and regional rabbinic development conferences have proved to be successful tools that enable synagogue Rabbis to become informed, energized and prepared to better lead their communities effectively in a multitude of ways.

Board Development: Understanding expectations and accepting responsibilities of volunteer governance are crucial to a Board’s success. The OU provides lay leadership programming to train both new and seasoned officers and board members with the necessary skills and tools that will empower them in their goal of strengthening the synagogue.

Youth Director Network: The next generation is the key to the growth of any synagogue and its community. The OU has a comprehensive network of youth professionals who benefit from shared expertise and centralized resources for age appropriate Shabbat, holiday and vacation programming.

Executive Director and Synagogue Administrative Network: Running the day-to-day operations of a synagogue is an immense task that requires specialized aptitude and experience. Our Executive Director network and conferences keep synagogue administrative professionals informed and up to date on the latest innovations, technologies and assets to help them effective manage the business of a synagogue.

Rebbetzin Programming:  The Rebbetzin is more than the Rabbi’s wife. She plays an integral and essential role within the synagogue and beyond, while simultaneously balancing her family, professional and community needs. A support system and successful strategies are important tools for any Rebbetzin. The OU provides conferences and seminars where synagogue Rebbetzins can learn, network and share experiences together with their peers that are unique to the needs and challenges facing the modern day Rebbetzin.

Kallah Instructors: Training and Fundamentals: Kallah teachers have the critical responsibility of educating brides in the laws of marriage and guiding them through various issues of intimacy and communication matters that arise during the early stages of marriage. The program is presented regionally and can be brought to you area upon request.